Exporting a Project

I was wondering if there is a way when you export a Project to CSV if the subtask can be displayed under the parent task? I found a way to go in and add the subtask to the Project so now they display as a whole separate task when I export with the Parent task assigned.

Hi @Tiffany_Gardner

I think subtasks are automatically listed under their parent tasks when you export to CSV. Here’s a little test project I just set up, with 2 parent tasks, each containing 2 subtasks that have been added to the project:


Here’s the CSV export:

The subtasks are automatically listed beneath their parents tasks, in order. It also works even if you don’t add the subtasks to the project. Are you seeing something different in your exports?

Thank you so much, yes I am seeing what you see. I didn’t realize you don’t have to add the subtask to the project that will save time.

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No problem, Tiffany. :slight_smile:

Here’s the export when the subtasks weren’t attached to the project:

I actually think not adding the subtasks makes it easier to spot which is which, especially in a really long export. I’m glad that was helpful. :+1:

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