Creating Sections in Portfolios not possible anymore?

I was able to create Sections in my Portfolios a while back but I’ve noticed when I try to that in new Portfolios now, I don’t appear to have that same functionality. Anyone know why or what happened to this function?

Hi @Melanie_Matthews, thanks for reaching out.

It’s not possible to create Sections in a Portfolio, only projects and this has always been the case with Portfolios. You can add new projects to a Portfolio, or a create a new project directly from the Portfolio by clicking “Add work” or “Create new project”.

I hope this clarifies :slight_smile:


Are you speaking of the ‘sections’ that are created when you sort in various manners?

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Hi @Melanie_Matthews! Although you can’t create sections in a Portfolio you can create a custom field that allows you to group your projects based on the values you require. Simply create a single select dropdown custom field in the portfolio and create options per bucket you’d like to group your projects. Then tag each project within the portfolio with the corresponding value. Once you have done that you can sort the portfolio on the custom field and your projects will be sorted in a way that visually mimics sections. Give that a try and let us know how it goes. Good luck!


That’s perfect and exactly what I’d done previously but forgotten about!? Thank you for sharing and helping to jog my memory - all sorted now :slight_smile:

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