Create report with todays changes by fields

Hi there :smiley:

Is it posible to create report with todays changes by fields?

Hey @Jana_Sokolović_v2,
did you try setting up rules?
For example whenever a custom field is changed it adds the task to a project for you or performs a specific action.

Maybe custom field change notifications also help?

Or what sort of report exactly are you trying to create?


Thanks for your reply!

I actually want to make report at the end of the day about the changes in the fields that happened that day.
Which field changed from option 1 to option 2 on that day alone.


If you’re on a paid plan you can use Advanced Search:

Use Add filter to add Dates > Modification date and set that to “On” and “today” and experiment and see if it captures everything you need. (It will be restricted to only those tasks you have access to see.) That’s the best I know of.



Thanks a lot! It solved my problems :smiley:

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