Create New Enum options for an existing custom field through Asana API



I have been trying to create a new enum option for an existing custom field but, I have been getting an error. Below is my postman code:



And Below is my error :

“message”: “You should specify one of custom”,

I have tried using all the parameters provided in the Asana api documentation but it still gives the same error. Can anyone please help me?


Are you able to do it using the API Explorer in the API documentation?


Hi @Prachi_Behl, sorry for the trouble. This error was caused by a misconfiguration in our routing, for which a fix has been deployed this morning. Can you let us know if you’re still encountering this error?


Hello Joe,
It seems to be working just fine now. Thank you for helping me out.


Hey @Joe_Trollo sorry for @mentioning you in an old thread, but I feel like this might be related.

I’m trying to create a webhook:

POST /api/1.0/webhooks?workspace=a workspaceHTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer a token
cache-control: no-cache
“resource”: “a number”,
“target”: “a url”

and it’s failing with the message:
{“errors”:[{“message”:“You should specify one of resource”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:”}]}

I’m able to perform other actions, but I can’t create a webhook.


Hi @Gearoid_O_Fearghail, are you wrapping your request body in a "data" object? For the request you’re trying to make, you should be sending

  "data": {
    "resource": "a number",
    "target": "a url"


Hey Joe,

That did indeed work, thanks. I was just trying to transpose off the post params format that’s in the docs. Cheers