Copy task via API/Create a task


Good morning Asana community,

I have two questions how can I copy a task via the API. For example, I have a task with several subtasks of subtasks and it would be great to just copy a task and update the name of the task with the information needed instead of creating a script that just sends that huge list of subtasks.

Also, but is there an ability to create a task to show up under a Section through the API?


Asana User

  1. It’s impossible to directly copy a task with all the subtasks. You will have to do this one by one and be careful to maintain the correct order of subtasks (if it’s needed). Unfortunately, this is the only way current API has.
  2. Yes, it’s possible to put a task under specific Section. You can do this:


Yes unfortunately this is not possible. I’ve seen threads going back a year asking for this and it would make so much sense. For one, it would massively reduce load on their own API (a 50-step task could be copied using one call rather than 100).