"Consult for You" Workshop: Building an Action Plan

Use Case: Building an Action Plan

Does your nonprofit work with program partners to deliver deadline driven projects, events or services for your community? Whether you collaborate cross-functionally with internal/remote teams, external organizations or your local partners, this free Consult for You training is for you.

  • Location: Virtual
  • Date: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 AM (PDT)

Register today by clicking the link below :point_down:

Consult For You Training

Consult for You is a 90 minute training series, offered through the “Asana for Nonprofits Accelerator Program”. Launched in support of our partnership with NetHope and in. honor of our shared commitment to scaling the nonprofit sector’s capacity for good, through technology and digital innovation.

What we’ll have in store:

During the first hour of our training, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create an action plan that captures and organizes deadline driven work that needs to be done;
  2. Manage stakeholders effectively by having a centralized location for program partners to access, view and stay up to date with- knowing who is doing what by when and;
  3. Communicate your team’s progress, by sharing updates and data program partner stakeholders need to see.

The final 30 minutes will be open for questions, concluded by a live training to join Asana Together’s Ambassadors program, for those interested in deepening their Asana expertise and joining our vibrant community!

How to make the most of our time:

We highly encourage attendees to prepare by taking part in Asana for Nonprofits’ Bootcamp #1. Whether you’re an Asana beginner or know your way around, this resource will help unlock your program partner management skills in Asana.

  • This self-guided customer education resource is a quick-import template project that customers import into their Asana space by clicking this link.

@lpb are you related to this program in any way?

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I’m not directly involved (but will be attending) and I’ve been in touch with @Michael_A for a long time and appreciate the great work he and his team are doing. At this event they will mention my monthly nonprofits AMA for the customers we all try to help:




@Michael_A - I sadly was pulled away into another meeting last minute and unable to attend. Was this recorded? It would be great to be able to watch it at a later date. Thanks.

@Victoria_Steele, The video link was already provided in email to those who registered for the workshop.

Great job @Michael_A, and team. Very nice job presenting a lot of important material.



Thanks! Bit over enthusiastic clearly, have received the email.

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