Coming soon! Advanced search filters for the mobile apps! 🔎

Hi Asana Community!

It’s Erica, a Product Marketing Manager here on the Mobile team! I want to share that advanced search filters are coming soon to the Asana mobile apps (iOS & Android) for Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers! Advanced search filters help you quickly find the specific project, task, message, team (or more!) that you’re looking for, so you can stay focused on the most important work!

What are advanced search filters?

Now, when you search for a specific project, task, message, team, (or more!) on the mobile app, you have the option to apply multiple advanced search filters. These filters enable you to add additional guardrails to your search to narrow the results, such as tasks, projects, people, teams, tags, messages. You also have access to ‘quick filters’ or ‘shortcuts’ that apply filters to your search automatically.


due-date copy

How do advanced search filters work?

After you type in a search term, apply one of the advanced filters to narrow the results. Then, if desired, select additional filters to narrow the results even further.

Here, the user has chosen to search ‘marketing’ and apply a filter to search only tasks. Then, they apply an ‘in project’ filter to search only within the ‘Fall ‘21 Marketing Creative’ project.

Please note we are gradually rolling out this update, and it will be available to all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers soon.

If you have questions or feedback about this new feature, we’d love to hear from you!



so good! :clap:

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