Clockwise Integration - How are you using it?

So was reading the latest article on the Asana Blog…

The Clockwise integration perked my interest… There has been lots of request for two way syncing to Google Calendar.

I have decided to give Clockwise ago and see how it works. Its been about 20mins of playing and so far I think it might be worth a more dedicated look into.

So far my thoughts;

  • easy to setup
  • like the questions re when I prefer to work have lunch and when I want meetings etc. (I personal hate early morning meetings I need at least a coffee before I can bear a meeting)
  • I like the fact that you can setup it for an individual project, its not an across the board setting.
  • You can move the work time block for a task in your Google Calendar and that will be reflected in the task.
  • It doesn’t influence effect the Start Date, Due Date or Time set for the task.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else is using it and what their thoughts are…



ps. Well done Asana on another cool integration and tool for the box of tricks that Asana gives us…


Hi @Jason_Woods, I’m loving this integration so far. I’ve created a project called “Clockwise” and added the integration to this project only. Then, I multihome any tasks I want to schedule time for in this project (to save me adding the integration in multiple projects or in projects with other Members who might not want the integration). This is also a great workaround if you want to schedule time for tasks created in your My Tasks without a project!

Excited to hear how others are using it - maybe I can learn some tips! :slight_smile:


That’s a great tip @Rebecca_McGrath I will give that a go…


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Great tip @Rebecca_McGrath ! I struggled with adding clockwise to all projects, but your workaround is something I will try.
@Jason_Woods I am also doing a deeper dive in to the integration. Seem to be a good fit for automating task planning.


Would love to try this out, but pretty lame they only support Google Apps and not Office365, which would seem like a pretty easy integration to setup and worth supporting considering half the workforce is on that.


Love the tip on creating a “clockwise” project. So far I’ve not done a deep dive, but like the idea. I tried the Kosmo Time integration a bit ago, and found it clunky.

So far, my one criticism is that I would like to be able to set times to work on specific tasks, and not be limited to the options presented by clockwise. I know that the blocks and tasks can be moved once they appear on the calendar, but that seems like an extra step.


I agree with @Scott_Stalnaker

One thing to note is that it seems this integration does not work with Gmail account.
Could anyone verify?

Hi @Paul_Grobler do you mean an account with

I have my own domain account through Google and don’t have any issues with Gmail and Clockwise…


Hi @Jason_Woods , Thanks again for your reply from previous thread to know you also use Integromat as Automation S/W :slight_smile:

I am still evaluating automation tools to use, just know a bit that they can also do calendar things with Asana . As you have played with Clockwise. is it better for syncing tasks to google calendar ?


Hi @Jay_Ravit

If you want the task to appear in google calendar with the same due date and time as what you have in Asana, then Clockwise isn’t able to accompany that.

The two I know of are ZZBots and Project Procs have played briefly with ZZBots but not Proejct Procs.

Hope this help…



Yes, I mean accounts, I also use Google Workspace through my domain without any issues.

I found this post stating: Clockwise is built for work calendars, so we don’t currently allow you to connect with a personal gmail account.

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Yeah thanks @Paul_Grobler I just hit the issue yesterday, whilst testing something.

I had troubles connecting another one of my Domain email accounts to it. I am still using a old version of Gmail for Domains from about 10 yrs ago where I could create multiple domains and have to 50 email accounts for free. I think this might be causing my problem, so doing a bit more digging.


Definitely liking the integration…so much easier to block time out now. However, my teammates are annoyed that Clockwise actions show up as attachments to Asana tasks…thereby clogging their Asana inbox with useless notifications about me adding Clockwise to a task. I couldn’t find a setting to disable this behavior. :thinking: