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Will there be any chat feature in the near future to discuss with your teammates very easily. I would love to have a feature, like google hangout, where you can easy chat with your teammates on short notice to discuss certain topics, which needed to be done quickly or the set up a short group chat. I know there are app integrations, but I don’t think these are very user-friendly.

Team chat function
Feature Request: Chat
Team chat function
Messagerie instantanée dans Asana?

Do you mean aside from conversations? I feel like while they’re not as instant/quick as like…Slack, they’re still pretty darn fast. I don’t see Asana wading into the chat sphere, but I could be wrong.

We just use Slack for it (and hoping for the asana integration to get rolling on more advanced things! ;DD)


The combo Asana-Slack might be the best indeed, Slack teams are using Asana themselves if my informations are correct!


Thanks for the feedback. I still think its very annyoing using the slack integration. But indeed, it is still faster than conversations. But I would be very pleased, because I don’t know why Asana doesnt want to step into the chat sphere. It would totally make sense and would make your work faster as well.


I imagine the feature would cost a hell of a lot!


With AIM being shutdown at the end of 2017, my team is looking for a platform to easily text chat across the warehouse. We used AIM on a daily basis, but we also have Asana open at all times. I saw some other people request the same thing, but I think it would be a good time to implement this.


@Ken_Gronemann just merged your feedback as we already a post on this topic! :slight_smile:


An instant messenger feature would be very nice for communicating without generating clutter like comments do.


There should be a Team chat function if you are looking to have discussions over a certain project. Yes we could use Slack or other apps, but it would be a lot easier to keep everything in one app.


Hi @Egil_Arntzen! Are you already using project conversations?