Change the domain of a task

I am a web developer and for the most part, I create a new project for each of my clients. However, there are some clients that have their own Asana for the company and would like the project to reside in their domain.
When you’re sharing something to the Asana app on your phone, there isn’t an option to change domain. So either I have to stop sharing, go into Asana, change domain, go back to sharing (if I can even find what it was I was sharing especially cuz social media feeds update rapidly) then create the task, then have to go back in to Asana, change domain back. More often than not, I forget that I need to change domain and create all the tasks with shared media in my account’s domain.

I have not found a way to be able to change the domain to an already created task. It is a royal pain to recreate in the client’s domain. By having the option to change a task to another domain, this would easily fix the issue. Or add the feature to change domain when creating a task in the app.

Hi @Wendy_FFW :wave:t3:

Asana doesn’t have a built-in option to move a task or a project from one domain to another I’m afraid. For transferring projects, we recommend using Ditto for copying projects from one Organisation to another!