Can't set date without having to set the time as well

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When I go to fill out a form on mobile and there is a date field, it forces me to have to input a time as well. There is no way to set only the date and not the time. Filling out the form on a desktop browser works perfectly fine. It seemed like this change only happened recently.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go onto Asana form with a date field
  2. Press on date field
  3. Click set/done
  4. Date is set with a time on it
    Browser version:

Upload screenshots below:


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Yes, I confirm I have the same issue.

Android, Chrome.

Confirming that this is happening to more Android users in my organization.

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Thanks for the reports, folks, I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug for our team to investigate.
Could you please confirm the version of Android you’re running as well as your browser version? Thanks for your help!

Hi Marie,

The android version I am using is Android 13.
The chrome browser is 109.0.5414.118.
Hopefully the above information helps!

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Thanks @Tony_Anh_Nguyen, I’ll keep you posted once I have an update!

Hi @Tony_Anh_Nguyen, @Edward_Martinez and @Arthur_BEGOU,

This issue should now be fixed! Please let me know if you continue running into issues!

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