Can't get all webhooks created in workspace


I have created Webhooks in my workspace. While I am trying get all webhooks created in my workspace using > GET /webhooks?workspace=[workspace_id], it returns an empty list. Whereas I am able to get specific webhook using > GET /webhooks/[webhook_id]. So why it returns an empty list while I am trying to get all webhooks for my workspace? Can you help me, please?

FYI: I am using same token to get the webhook which I have used to create it.


Hi @Niral_Shah and welcome to the forum!

It seems this is an issue others have had as well; see this other thread:

Per that thread, the Asana API team has not been able to reproduce the issue.

@Joe_Trollo any thoughts on this?

Hi @Phil_Seeman,

I read that thread. As mentioned in that thread, webhooks are only visible to the user and app/PAT that created them. I am using same PAT that created the webhooks but still it is returning an empty list. So any thoughts on this?