Cannot modify attachments


Please help. I have lost many modifications to .doc files I had attached from my computer to Asana Tasks. I clicked the save button after modifying. When I downloaded the attached file the modifications were not there.

This is critical and a production emergency.

Scott F. Barnett


If you attached the file from your computer, you should still have the original file on your computer. Are the modifications there? If not, it sounds like an issue regarding saving in Word. Asana doesn’t change the files you upload – it’s just like an email attachment.


Thank you for your reply. It appears the “saved” files are in my download file
in Windows Explorer.

Does this mean every time I want to modify an attached .doc or .xls file, I need to delete
the old attachment from the Task, and then re-attach the modified .doc or .xls file to the Task?

I appreciate your help.

BTW, it is a terrible problem trying to figure out how to get help from Asana when there
is no apparent entry in the guides or the community.

I will appreciate your reply to my additional question above.




The files in your download folder are the copies made of the attachments after you click on them in Asana. This is the case whenever you click on a file on the web – it downloads to your computer first before it opens. This is not the file you attached, though – it’s a copy of it.

When you first created the file, before you attached it in Asana, you saved it somewhere on your computer. That’s the version you need to find and check to see if it has the modifications you described. If it doesn’t, then Asana had nothing to do with it.

If you’re expecting to update attachments, it might be better for you to use a cloud platform like Google Docs. We don’t use Word documents anymore – we create a Google Doc and attach it in Asana. That way there’s only ever one link and it’s always to the current version of the document. Google Docs have an equivalent to “Track Changes” in Word (it’s called “Suggesting” mode), and you can download a Google Doc in Word format for people who need that.

You can contact Asana Support at . From my experience if you’re logged in with a premium account you should get a reply same day or next day depending on the time. If you’re using a free account, it may take a few days.


The original document attached to the Asana task remains unaltered. You will have to develop some sort of convention to track version control, or at least that is my experience.
Regarding help, I was not aware of the Community boards until my organization took the plunge and purchased some Premium seats. Doesn’t make much sense to me, so maybe I was just a noob and unaware that even free users had access to the Community.


Hi, Scott. If you need support from Asana, you can get it at You can also access a link to “Contact Support” from the “Help” menu at the top of your Asana dashboard.