Can you track time spent per task per section?


I’m trying to convince my team to switch over to Asana, but we need to be able to track time spent per task per section. Right now, I’m able to track the life cycle of a task, i.e. task created → task completed, BUT I really need to know HOW LONG does a task spend in each section. These sections represent phases in our development process and this data is critical.

We don’t need an actual time tracker per task; instead, we want to be able to pull a report to see how long a task was in a particular phase/section.

Please help! Thanks!


Hi Mari - glad to hear you’re interested in Asana! The product doesn’t currently offer an option to track the time actually spent on each task. But, I would recommend our time tracking integrations and related discussions on the topic:

Let us know if you have any follow up questions!

Hi, Mari, in TMetric there is the option of generating reports on the specific task. It shows time calculation and can be linked to the project. The report displays data in a table with a user name, tasks, projects/clients, time, and billable time.

The Screenful Dashboard for Asana has a report that shows the timings per workflow state of individual tasks, and the averages over a time period. Here’s what the dashboard view looks like:

The chart is interactive so that you can click through to see the timings for individual tasks. You can learn more at the Tour page.

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