Is there an API that returns the Time in Section

I’m interested in creating a code that returns to me the average times that my tasks spend in each section. Or the average time a tasks is not complete per assignee.

I’ve read through the Asana API documentation, but can’t seem to find what specific API will return this datapoint to me.

I don’t believe any of those is available, you would have to re-compute yourself using the given datapoints and stories :scream: @Phil_Seeman what do you think?

Hi @Kevin_de_Lange,

I concur with @Bastien_Siebman that the data you’re interested in isn’t available per se in the API; you’d have to collect the raw data and do the calculations yourself.

You could use stories as a way to collect the data but that won’t get you 100% accurate data due to Asana’s behavior of story consolidation. The only way to get fully accurate data would be to use webhooks to capture the events of when tasks move to a new section and when they get marked complete.

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