Can a Task have an automatic assigned ID number?

Hi Tony!

Thank you for your reply. I 100% agree with you that simple unique task IDs are something that should be included in Asana, I don’t think Asana should implement extensive integrations with 3rd party services like Github/Bitbucket. Regardless of it, the plan of Astogi isn’t just to provide unique IDs but also the integrations and actions from commit messages.

Let me know if you have anything to add! :slight_smile:

All - Auto Project ID and Task IDs are indeed much needed, but Tasks DO have a unique number within Asana. It is long, probably not formatted the way you want or need it but it does exist nonetheless.

Check the URL of each of your task and you will identify the task number. It can be helpful as a workaround. You can use it in any custom fields if this can help.

Greetings. The link is broken.

I use a conjunction between JotForm and Asana API, works beautifully across the team.

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I would also like automatic project and task IDs. Would help map Asana projects to emails, meetings, files, etc. outside the system.


It is amazing that this simple feature for auto generated task IDs has not yet been implemented in native Asana. This single missing feature stops so many software dev teams from migrating off Jira to Asana fully because bug tracking is not as effective, and when you look into this its mostly the auto generated Bug ID that is the blocker.


This should really exist.

If you’re moving from Jira, or trying to use Asana with GitHub (for any form of version control, not just SWE) it’s an impediment to establishing good workflows.

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It’s disappointing that Asana doesn’t do this out of the box. To ask customers to manually add a unique ID using a custom field is… lets just say “not great”.

FYI there are some other alternate workarounds - see item F9 here:

Same here, this is the ONLY thing keeping us from switching from Jira to Asana. Considering that these posts are over 2 years old, I’m guessing Asana isn’t planning to do anything about this. Anyone know?


Considering that this post about the public beta is 18 months old, has the beta been released yet? I haven’t seen anything. Note, the link doesn’t work for me either.

Yeaaaa, so I was just hired at a place that’s using Asana but came from Jira. This is like the most important feature to ticket track and should be your highest priority.


It’s pretty shocking this is not a core feature. It makes it very difficult for a dev team to track git branches against their Asana tickets. Makes Asana seem like a bit of a joke to be honest.


Hi @Scott_Fennell et all,

FYI this capability is now available in our Flowsana integration - more information is available here:

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Hi Maurizio,

Seems our posts want the same thing. Mine started in April 2018 a couple months before yours:

Let’s keep the pressure up to get our refence or id numbers in tasks!



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This feature is a must for tracking development issues!

Please add asap!