Can a Task have an automatic assigned ID number?

Can a Task have an automatic assigned ID number?

Some other task manager tools assign Id’s.



Hi @Maurizio_Acquavella - You can create a numeric custom field and assign IDs to tasks manually -
You can also add task row numbers to projects to make it easier to say “Check out row #32”, though these numbers only show up on the project (kind of like Excel row #s). To enable task row numbers, go to your Profile Settings > Display tab -

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Thanks Shannon, this creates an overload of work because multiple people adding and tracking numbers… Also the idea is to have a unique ID to do a historical tracking. thanks anyways!

FYI there is a third-party solution that gives you this capability:

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@Phil_Seeman Thanks a lot! this is exactly what I needed!

Shannon, being able to have an auto-generated id for each task is very important. You should tell the powers that be at Asana. I was going to upgrade to Premium thinking that I could add such field and stopped because I can’t.


i would agree - we are using Jira and want to move to Asana - except for this one major lacking…


I have the same problem with asana. No task IDs. Asana should be improved in this way. Type IDs manually is bad solution. This is the biggest asana disadvantage.

Asana, we need simple generator, which will generate unique short codes/IDs using individual template for projects and tasks!


@Maurizio_Acquavella, @Yensy_James_Hall, @Hans_Son, @Zdenek_Sladek: If you guys are interested in auto-generating ids for task, please DM me. We might have a solution for that.

Hello Patrick,

thanks for your reply. The only thing we need in Asana is a simple generator, which will generate unique codes for every task. For example YYMMDD/## or something like this. We are using codes manually and we are only manually securing, that the code is uniqe. There is only 4 people in studio, but we are growing.

We use Asana for tracking commisions.




We have the same issue. No easily usable per-project task IDs in Asana makes it impossible for us to use as we scale. I don’t want to, but as a result I’m moving various boards off Asana to Jira. (Using a third-party tool in Asana to handle task IDs is not a viable solution for us.)


Thanks Phil_SeemanForum Champion for providing the link, the same problem was with our company finally the issue solved.

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@Maurizio_Acquavella, @Yensy_James_Hall, @Hans_Son, @Zdenek_Sladek: Good news.

Our Asana add-on is now in public beta. We encourage you to have a sneak peak on our new website. There is so much more that you could now automate to increase productivity. Task numbering is only one of the features.

Please let me know if you would like us to sign you up for the free beta.



There are a lot of posts on have a numeric identifier for tasks.

I found a plugin that works pretty well:

The only solution I have found.


This missing feature has been a major blocker for our CTO to adopt Asana.


@Asana can you please implement this. This is the only thing blocking my dev team from using your platform.


My team is sorely missing such an easy feature to implement.

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Disappointed that this feature isn’t included - would make it much easier to export a WBS if there was a field for an ID number.

I don’t know if self promotion is allowed, but since this feature hasn’t been included in Asana for a while I hope it won’t be a problem.

As a long time and frequent Asana user this is one of the few things that I do not like about Asana, not being able to easily reference a task by a number to teammates. So I decided to build a small service that can be used for this, feel free to check it out to see if it can help you out! If you are from this forum drop me an e-mail and I don’t mind to give a reasonable discount. :slight_smile:

Ps. as you can see, my other pet peeve is not being able to track Git commits so I decided to include that too :slight_smile:

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Thanks @_Sander for sharing yet another practical use for a visible ID: to map to git commits. While I’m thankful for your Astogi solution, (and Project Buddy listed above), it’s sad that we have to resort to external integrations to enable basic project management features. Even the whole discussion about using Zapier to assign a number from a spreadsheet and populate a custom field misses the point about how a project management system usually works.

I’ll definitely be checking out Astogi because you have a free tier for 1 project.

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