Camera icon does nothing (during task creation)

To reproduce:

  • Hit the " + " Icon to create a new task.
  • Hit the Camera icon. You are taken to your default camera to take a picture.
  • The bug occurs. No uploaded photo.

I was expecting the photo to be uploaded. But, after trying multiple camera apps, I received “failed to save photo”, or the camera app crashed after taking the photo, or I was returned to Asana with no picture.

The issue is probably not permissions, since I verified mine.

Hi @JDD and thanks for reaching out!

From what I understand, you’re referring to our mobile app, am I correct?

Could you please try and re-install the app? This should most likely fix this issue, but if it doesn’t, could you confirm the following information:

  1. Device you’re using
  2. Version of your device OS
  3. Version of your Asana app

Thank you and looking forward to your reply!


Just checkin in here, are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please have a look at the questions I asked in my previous post so I can investigate this on my end.

Looking froward to hearing from you!

I’m having a similar issue.

In my case when clicking on the camera icon on my app it shows “Unable to capture photo”.

App version 6.44.3
Android version 10 QKQ1.190825.002

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Karina_Fotografie, can you make sure you’ve enabled permission to access your camera in your App Settings?

@JDD any update by any chance?

Hi @Marie the only permission that asana asked for was contacts and storage. I can’t give it camera permission as it doesn’t ask for it (no permissions were denied).