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And yet millions are using Asana every day :grimacing: Asana does not communicate on the roadmap, we’ll have to wait!


Maybe it is because I was introduced to Asana as “Project Management” software, which it really is not. I was hoping for an upgrade from Trello, but they seem to still be roughly equivalent.
I probably just have unrealistic expectations of what Asana is supposed to be.

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Wow I can’t let you say that :grimacing: :sweat_smile: maybe you need to have someone show you around what the tool does.


I want to make several columns next to new leads, with “probability of conversion” as one column, “amount quoted” being another column, and multiplying the two columns to get a weighted chance of success column, with the ability to sum this column to have an idea of the business funnel. This is marketing, no?

This is definitely something my service does :slight_smile: reach out by email

Then you can either use a Project Dashboard, or Universal Reporting. (or even the sum at the bottom of a section)

Very interested in this as well. @Bastien_Siebman you said, “This is definitely something my service does…” What does that mean? Is this an included function of Asana, or is this done with additional professional services?

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It is an external automation. You give me the project id + the formula + invite my special bot account to the project, and you don’t think about it again.

Thanks for that insight. I love automation, but have concerns around security and data paths. If this were something already inside Asana, who we have already put through grueling security vetting, that would be awesome. Is your automation inside the Asana framework and firewall, or is it external? If it is external is it in a SOC2 + ISO27001 compliment environment?

External using the fact that you’ll invite one of my bot account to your projects.

Not at all.

But you have an IT team they can get the code and host it themselves on your premises.

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That may be a viable option. How do I locate this magical bot?

You send a magical email to my wonderful inbox :slight_smile: :heart:

FYI I shared a video explaining my service on Computed Fields on Tasks - #45 by Bastien_Siebman

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I just tried Airtable to do calculations like sum, multiplication & others. Wow. I’ve to tell u guys that airtable is just asana with spreadsheet capability. This is wat I was looking for from years and I got it.


It’s not hard. Asana makes millions in profit and is growing 70% a year. They arent building these features, because they don’t have to. Period.

I had a call with someone from Asana yesterday and they again confirmed they are reading the forum, they are bringing up most topics at all product meetings, and will keep on communicating as much as possible on features.

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I would love an inventory feature. It would make a huge difference.


What features are you currently missing?

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I would like to be able to keep track of some basic internal inventory right in Asana without linking a Google Sheet or something. I can list things, but then it makes it a “task” with a checkmark or else I have to put a list in the description. The things I’d need to keep track of would probably be less than 100 individual inventory items, but some would be high-ish quantities (t-shirts in various sizes for marketing and first aid supplies in multiple locations across the campus, for two examples). It would be nice if there was a place where I could edit amounts (OR, even better, have an Asana Form that would automatically update those quantities when someone checks them out).

And why is it a problem? That’s quite common to use tasks to store information instead of an actual action. You can turn them all into milestones or approvals to get a different icon :slight_smile:

You can store amounts in custom fields.

However you won’t indeed be able to update a task from a form, but you can give access to the project content.

That makes sense - I have a couple of things stored that aren’t “to dos” exactly. I think I’m more curious if there’s a way to include quantities. Storing the items in Asana is easy - keeping track of amounts is the part that there doesn’t seem to be a good function for.

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