Bulk update Task Estimate

For a brief period of time I was able to select multiple tasks and bulk add/edit the task estimate, but that capability seems to be gone now. Am I missing something?

Our website maintenance clients have a set amount of support time each month based upon the plan they have purchased. Every web maintenance client has a task for every month of the year with the appropriate time estimate and then we add subtasks for each support task they request. This really helps our team visually see and closely track how much time that client has remaining each month. That bulk edit of estimated time was really helpful so I am hoping I am just missing it.

Hi @BeckyP, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

I just tested and I’m able to multi-select tasks, edit a number field in bulk and then see the sum, see below:

Is this what you are trying to achieve? Can you see the custom field in a column in your List view? :slight_smile: Please note we have recently implemented the “Customize” option in your project header and from there you will be able to toggle on your field in order to see it in list view.

Looking forward to your reply!

I think I may know part of the disconnect. I believe the estimate feature I am referring to is actually part of our Everhour integration - not built directly into Asana itself. So perhaps the ability to bulk edit isn’t something Asana removed, but is either a change Everhour made on their side OR the recent changes Asana made effected it. Either way, I am guessing it’s not likely I will be able to get this resolved unless I use a custom field for time estimates instead of the Everhour feature for it.

Did you try to ask Everhour about it?