Best setup for content management of multiple websites (1 organisation)

I’m comfortable with a content management setup for one website, but I am now trying to merge together multiple (4-6) websites within one Board. The reason would be that several people, in particular the website admins, will have an overview of tasks and planning in the same board.

Ideally, stakeholders for a certain website can easily filter the tasks applicable to their project within the ‘central’ web editor board.

Tasks will consist of creating new and editing existing content, and some chore-type (website maintenance) tasks.

Is this the right approach to begin with? I’d love to see some tips/examples on how to effectively approach this, without things getting messy. Thanks! :pray:

Hi @Tvdw, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can certainly create a master project were stakeholders for a certain website can easily find tasks from different projects in one place. You can multi-home the tasks and create a custom field that allow them to filter by different type of tasks. I recommend you also checking how Discovery Digital Studios, Autodesk, and Hubspot manage their content calendars with Asana.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi @tvdw,

I would say, you can manage these through with ASANA as well. Yes, you could do this what you are trying to explain here. You can make the tasks or let your administrators make the tasks and label / tag them. Once tasks are labeled, they can easily filtered on board and / or lists of tasks. Asana is quite flexible in this terms.

Let me know if you need to have demo around it. I would be happy to show you the demo over @ Zoom / Google Meet, so you can actually visualize it.


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