Benefit to putting multiple projects into one master Project in Asana



Can you send screenshots of what you are describing? I understand images so much better than text!


I’m a bit late to this discussion, but we do it by simply assigning certain tasks to two (or more projects).

We have individual projects but then assign the milestones to an overall project as well, for example by client. This means we can continue to manage our tasks at the individual project level, but whoever needs oversight gets to see the same milestone tasks in the overview.


Were you aware that you can convert a task to a project? Not sure if that would be helpful in your case but it sounds like you might be able to save some duplication of work with that feature.


Yes I’m aware of that; however, it doesn’t accomplish what I typed out above. We have two lists… one is a board showing overall view of all our projects and which phase they are in. This board has tasks on it in the name of our client representing each project. (e.g. Doe, John Client Info). This client info task is multihomed to the client project of the same name. In this way we can keep all of our important information on the client info task and it’s in both spots and allows us to see quickly where we are at.

I also put most of our custom fields inside of the overall projects board. This way ONLY the client info task has all the extra fields and it doesn’t interfere with us tracking our individual project tasks and their custom fields.

I will say we don’t do it the way I wrote above anymore. I actually have us create the new project from template with a client info task multihomed already inside the template, for each new prospect. I have 2 sections in the project “Client Info:” and “Current Tasks:”. Under the Current Task section title I have subtasks with headers for each phase. All of the tasks are over in the subtask list and I can just drag/drop the ones that are applicable for the current phase we are in.

This allows for me to exclude subtasks when doing advanced searches as we don’t actually use subtasks for anything because they are terrible (other than as a repository for our templates)