Batch rename of Tasks via API?


I’ve loaded up several projects with several tasks into Asana and I’m being asked to rename a task within each project. So I’m wondering if there a way to batch rename tasks that have already been entered into Asana via API?


You can get the tasks using the API and rename them. And you can do it in batch Build an app with Asana

@Bastien_Siebman responses I am sure will do the trick. On the other hand, this would be a relatively easy application for Sendana Add and one of its specific design functions, my new tool for replications. My thread is Sendana Tools-Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass - #9 by James_Carl and the tool can be found at

  1. Create a dummy project with the single task you want to change.
  2. Use the multiple row function of Sendana Add to copy the task from that project to as many projects as you desire that you have permission to add tasks to. You would need permission to change the name of a task through the API. Set the Copy to New Project switch to No
  3. Run Sendana Add understanding doing anything through the API takes processing time.
  4. Use the Advance Search to retrieve the original tasks and delete after you have confirmed you have added the new task with the new name.
  5. Just understand that we are in Public beta and you would not have any comments that have been made on the old task that needs to be renamed.

You may have already completed what you needed to through the API but just wanted you to know this is available.

Thank you. I’ll have to look into this. Basically, it sounds like i would need to pull that particular task from each project that has it and rename ?

Thank you. Ill look into this as well.

Depending on the number of tasks, you can do an advanced search to find them all and rename by pasting the new name everywhere…

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it’s about 4000 projects, so 4000 tasks, which is why i was looking at an api solution. i didn’t want to have to go in an manually rename the tasks. :S

@Tanjerine Wow 4000 projects is a lot of projects. Are they in various teams? Sendana add can definately do that but it takes about a minute per project on a single tasks. A 50 task replication takes about 7 minutes. There are call limits also at the user level so not sure how that would act. Four thousand projects at 1 minute each calculates to be 67 hours. I would not want to have to rename those manually :slight_smile: I do not think you can develop something that will be that much faster with the API. And I don’t know how taxing it would be to my host. I would try about 100 task additions and time it and then let me know. The other thing is Sendana Add would be adding an additional task not renaming. You would still have to find a way to delete the old task. We don’t add comments or subtasks beyond the first level. I did test a project with a single task creating a single task to multiple projects and it works fine. As my developer has provided all the logic for Sendana add I would suggest you reach out to him. He is very good and his prices are reasonable. Are you using the 4000 projects as clients? You can reach out to @Mahmudul_Hasan my developer who may give you insight on this. He is pretty busy working on things for me but a great guy.

@Tanjerine, if you have the same task containing exact words across all 4000 projects, you can have a try the Search API and this Advance Task Search Guideline to pull all the tasks at once from projects and make API calls to update/rename them one by one or by batch. You will need to write a program to do the job for you with the help of API.

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