Automatically assign days to an activity based on hours spent per day on the project

Hello, we are a company that has multiple projects for the same work team and we assign a number of hours per day to each project, example: project 1 is 4 hours, project 2 is 2 hours and project 3 is 2 hours.

We are looking for a function in the platform that allows us to automatically assign the days to an activity based on the time it would take to develop said activity, for example: for project 2 there are 2 hours, a 6-hour activity would take 3 days and automatically assign them to 3 days that are available in the calendar so that person can dedicate those 3 days to that activity, or, in the case of project 1, which is 4 hours, this activity would take 1 and a half days. The days will then be automatically assigned to each activity based on the hours that can be dedicated to each project.

Is there a function that can do this?

Hey @Richard_Sather :wave:

I’m wondering if such function/system will be possible after the launch of the Advanced custom field formula; with fields being calculated and shared in different projects and portfolio.
I don’t have the full picture in mind, but just a hunch… :grin:

On a wider perspective, I see there the next step of Asana Workload, Asana automated resource allocation (maybe A.I could help :upside_down_face:).