Automatic Date Entry in Submitting a Form

Is there any way to have the date a form is submitted, automatically entered into a task? We have a programme form where our clients submit tasks that require our attention. We don’t want them to add their own dates in, we would rather the date appear when they have submitted their request,


The date the task is created in the destination project will be captured. For all intents and purposes, this is the form submission date. You can see it at the bottom of the Task Detail pane for each task:

Asana created this task. Apr 22 

And if you hover the date it will show it in full in a tooltip.

Asana only shows it there although it is a field in the database. Other tools let you see it more easily, for example Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator):



@Jessica_Rizk any form submission is a new task so you should be able to see when any task was created just above the comment field in the task details.


Yeah… what @lpb said :wink: