Attachment feature changes the Outlook MSG file

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I upload an Outlook MSG file as an attachment to ASANA. The email message contains emojis in the subject line. Then download and open the file to view the email. Now all the emojis in the subject line turn into “?” interrogation symbol.

Steps to reproduce:
In Outlook 2016, save a message in the MSG file type (NOT using the unicode format). The message contains emojis in the subject line (envelope emoji).

Upload file as an attachment to an ASANA task.

Download the file on the same machine o a different machine.

Open MSG file, now the subject line has ? for each emoji.

Browser version:

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @pgiraldo and welcome to the Forum!

So sorry for the trouble there! I suspect the fact you’re not using the Unicode format to save your message might be causing this issue. Could you please try and save your message in this format and let me know if you’re still running into trouble?

Hi Marie,
Thanks! The change in file format is working.

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Great news @pgiraldo! Thanks for keeping me posted :slight_smile: