Assigning multiple people to the same task


I’ve read the feedback and the reasoning given regarding this topic already and really feel I should bring it up again because not having this feature literally negates the reason I signed up for this service. I need to be more efficient and have an easier way of assigning tasks when I’m not around, or just in general. Literally the first thing I tried to do was assign the same task to five people because that is what they are doing today. I’m sick of having to tell everyone individually what they are doing so I got this service… low and behold I have to tell individually… They are all responsible for this task. There is one person who knows they are a designated team leader you don’t need to force that upon my organization, you simply need to make things easier and more efficient. I simply need to assign them all to the same task and it’s incredibly annoying that I should have to create the same task separately for all of them. If they are simply followers of the task that leaves room for people to shirk their responsoblities and it’s less than clear. This is a major blunder on your part and your reasoning is that it is by “design” to fix some accountability problem you apparently think all businesses have. Having people as folllowers could lead to the very issue you are trying to avoid. I guarantee you many people have downloaded this app, only to find out instantly that this isn’t an option and they have deleted it for something more efficient. If you don’t fix this, I will find another service because this oversight prevents your program from fulfilling my needs. This is such a common sense topic, that’s it leaves me wondering what else was missed… or should I say what other poor judgement call was made placing limitations on this platform? Seriously do yourself a favor and fix this ASAP.

Assigning Tasks to Multiple People

Hi @Matthew_Culkin,

You don’t need to create the task repeatedly. You can create copies of the same task when you assign it. Click the icon with two people:

You can then assign it to a team (as shown here) or multiple people:

This way every person gets a specific task that needs to be completed instead of everyone pointing to the next person and saying, “Thought they were gonna do it.”

Hope that helps.


RyanE is right.
I don’t believe Asana will change their approach on this, this is too deeply ingrained in the Asana philosophy. Maybe Asana is just not for your business @Matthew_Culkin. Millions of people and thousands of companies manage to work this way, some can’t, and that is ok :slight_smile: I’ll let @Marie from Asana give you an official answer :+1:

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Can I assign multiple people to one task and only see one task in my project workspace? Currently, when I assign tasks to all three team members, the task shows up three times in the project workspace and I would like for that to not happen.



You would have to assign them as Followers to avoid the duplicate tasks being created.


You could maybe think of it a little differently. If all three people need to complete the task for the project to succeed it might make sense that the task is in there 3 times. If that’s still not acceptable, another option could be to add the three tasks as sub-tasks of a larger task that is in the project. Subtasks don’t show up in the project by default (you have to go to each subtask and add the project to them for that to happen).

Asana doesn’t allow multiple people to be assigned a single task because it doesn’t lend clarity to task ownership. The three people could all assume someone else will do it.


Hey @tnrose87!

I’m going merge this with an existing thread in our #productfeedback category. You’ll find answers to your question there, plus a bunch of handy tips to help your workflow

We also address this in a post on our blog as well, which I’ve posted below

PS: I love your explanation @RyanE!


Thank you for this information!


I concur on the feature request of being able to assign 1 task to multiple employees without creating copies of a task.

For example - If we have a task “Update your monthly goals” ; this is a team wide task. Creating multiple copies of a task assigned to each person on the team seems unnecessary when everyone on the team has this task assigned to them.

Asana should give the capability to assign multiple people to one task OR have the option to create duplicate copies of a task. Why not have both and give the business the option for a workflow that best fits the business needs and process?


Because that is against their vision and experience that without one single assignee there is not accountability. I like it that they have a strong vision, even if I don’t always agree.