Assign tasks to people who are not team or organisation members

No recent developments to this? I was hoping at least a custom field for mytasks.

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Im joining the “this feature should exist” crew.

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exploring moving away from MS project into Asana. 5 minutes in, decided to stop that project due to lack of this (simple) feature.

I’m here to add my voice.

Not being able to assign tasks to non-Asana users is madness. I can see that this thread has been going for years with no change from the Asana devs.

I won’t be using Asana again.

In my Asana, I am able to assign individuals (who are not members of Asana but belong to an organization) to tasks.
These individuals, not being members of Asana, are not displayed in the administrator console.
However, the name of the task assignee is indeed visible.

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Hi @Justin_Dowling and welcome to the community :wave:t2:,

I agree with @Ka_Nishiyama on this matter… I also have invited people as guests to a project and even though they are not part of the Organization, they can still be assigned to tasks without issues. This works even if the guest is not a part of the project (ex. a private project not shared with anyone).

How long have you been using Asana? Maybe there’s just lack of knowledge or how-to’s … I suggest you don’t give up yet! Asana is a place with full potential and various features! :ok_hand:t2:

If possible, send us more info so we solve this. Screenshots are very helpful as well.