Assign multiple assignees on one task



It would be great to be able to assign a task to more than one member.
I know you can copy a task and then assign the copy to a different member, but this isn’t always useful (for example, comments added to one task or status changes aren’t part of the copied task).



Here is a use case where having multiple task owners would be a huge time saver without compromising accountability.

We are a web development company and our tasks are nearly always executed by micro teams consisting of a designer, front-end developer and back-end developer.

They have firmly defined roles and responsibilities - there is no confusion around who needs to do which part of the task.

What the system is forcing us to do today is constantly set up same set of subtasks over and over again, i.e:

Launch a new homepage

  • Design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

But this is entirely unnecessary for our team - the responsibility and accountability is firmly defined by individual roles, not by the system.

We would simply like to assign the task to all three of them and have the project manager check-in with the team and see how things are going.

Another problem with subtasks is the lack of context - you often need to navigate to the parent task or the project to get the details you need to complete the subtask.


Exact same problem for me. I created subtasks for Frontend and Backend for almost every task.

I have an Asana project for each customer with stories grouped by section. Then I have another project called Sprint where I add tasks from multiple projects so the team can clearly see their priorities across multiple projects.

Without multiple assignees, its hard for people to see which tasks in the Sprint are theirs. The only alternative is to add these sub tasks to the Sprint project. But this is too much work…and I prefer sub tasks to represent different parts of the story.


Could I suggest a compromise? How about a Team Setting in which the admin could specify the maximum # of people that can be assigned to a given task.

The default could be 1. Then the teams who’d find value in assigning multiple people could go in and change that limit.

I’m indifferent to the exact implementation… bottom line for me is, Asana is WAY less useful to my team and me because of the one-person limit, and I hope Asana addresses that somehow, someway, in the near future. Thanks for your consideration.


Hi dear @Marie why when a task are assign to 2 or three people you cant see them at the same time on task with their icon or name beside it? eg: you create a task assignee is you and me, but i cant see yo are assignee also


Hi @Forough_sadeghi :wave:t3: We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread. Have a look at the replies above :point_up_2:


Paul, how do you recommend people SCHEDULE meetings in Asana? i.e. getting the meeting to show up in each attendee’s “MY TASKS”. I’ve been racking my brains and the forums literally for hours on this. It’s such an obvious thing, but I don’t see how it can be done.


Exactly! Assigning a task to a single person is appropriate for 90% of our tasks. But for the other 10% it’s a showstopper.


How do you assign tasks or subtasks to multiple users?


In Asana you can only select one assignee for a task, so that you clearly know who is responsible for the task.
A topic is already opened about the possibility to have multiple assignee:

Hope that helps :wink:



By way of philosophical background, here is some detail about why Asana allows only one assignee for a task:


Not every task is the same type. Some tasks are collaborative.

The main example of this is that sometimes a task is to attend a meeting, sharing agenda input beforehand. You need multiple assignees for this in a common space. Copying the task doesn’t work.

We are considering a migration from TODOIST to ASANA. In my organisation, throughout the day people schedule 10-20 minute chats with a colleagues. They do this by adding a TODOIST task in a project, but not assigning it. This means that the meeting shows up in the TODO list for all members of the project. It takes literally 5 seconds to schedule that meeting. It’s not perfect, because in order for it to work the user has to set up multiple projects for all combinations of people they might wish to meet with. It would be better to be able to assign the meeting to selected people. But it’s better than what Asana offers.

Let me say, so far I’m loving Asana. The project management capability is great. But this is a huge issue which may prevent us from migrating, because it’s such a simple, everyday, obvious fail.


I’m also looking for this feature.


For sure, we also would love seeing this feature added. Especially in our type of work, assign a specific task to more than one person would be truly appreciated feature. Thank you!


Would really like to see this feature added. My team does a lot of group projects in which multiple people are working on a single task, repeating the task and assigning it to a different person isn’t a practical solution.


I frequently assign team based work for which I am ultimately the responsible party (thus it does not matter who is the “primary” assignee) - the fact that my arm is being twisted in this respect is insulting, and frankly has kept me from recommending that my department purchase Asana. It should be up to the individual manager whether or not they feel comfortable assigning multiple people to a project, not some kind of high-handed executive decision about how others should run their businesses. Asana is cluttered enough without having to create confusing and overlapping copies of a single project.


Subtasks are another way to split up tasks. You’re ultimately responsible? Assign the task to yourself. Someone else is doing the work? Give them a subtask. Give each person doing the work a subtask. Asana has been pretty clear from day one about their choice to have a single responsible party for each task. It promotes accountability, and it’s a big reason why I (and others) choose Asana over other offerings.


Was really hoping for a solution on this one!

On the 1st of each month all members of my project team have the exact same task, they all have to complete it. The project team varies (some staff, some contractors), so it would AMAZING to be able to assign the Project Team to the task and set it as recurring monthly.

I could split the tasks, but then it only accounts for members within the Project Team at the time of setup, for those added to the Project Team in month 3 or so, I have to manually add them as well. A true headache for us.


Do you know you can assign a task to a team using the team’s name, and that will assign copies of the task?


Yes - I could split the tasks, but then it only accounts for members within the Project Team at the time of setup, for those added to the Project Team in month 3 or so, I have to manually add them in.