Asana stops working properly in projects with more than ~1000 tasks hidden under collapsed sectionst

Which is surprising as Asana is being used by very big clients, so they know they have to be scalable.


I agree @Bastien_Siebman it is surprising to me as well for the same reason. It seems to me like the support team, partners, and ambassadors have settled on the workarounds here instead of focusing on solving the core issue. It’s not going away if Asana doesn’t fix it.

Collapsed sections are not loading tasks efficiently. It is currently broken, fix it so we can utilize collapsed sections to their full potential. It is specifically good for projects with many 200+ tasks when it works.

When fixed, all these projects will load more efficiently not only those who currently break at ~1000 tasks.

When fixed Asana will ease the load on the client, network, and server whenever a user opens a project with many tasks under collapsed sections.

When fixed, there is no longer any need to communicate the workarounds and force their clients to invest in operational restructuring.

It is broken, it is worth the investment and it should be done as soon as possible. :pray:

As stated before, if something is unclear or Asana needs additional examples and details to proceed with the solution, I’m available for a video call to demo and test.

I don’t see anyone relying on a workaround, we are all saying this is broken :thinking:

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If we all focus on the core issue I’m happy.

I’m referring to the responses I’ve got since I started to report this issue,

Forum November 2021
2000+ tasks breaks Projects List view, unusable - #6 by JFrentz November 2021.

Email thread with November 21
"one workaround that the user could try is to break apart their current sections into multiple sections (by creating new sections and bulk moving tasks into the new section via multi-select). I’m unsure if they’ll run into other issues around having a very large project though. "

Demo in a video call and escalated the issue to @Kem_Ozbek February 2022

Raised this issue again with this thread Aug 2022

This is only noise, taking away focus and consuming time and resources from the real issue.

@Rebecca_McGrath can you please confirm this bug and give us an update on when it can be fixed? :pray:

I’m not relying on workarounds, but my team and I need to work - it’s the reason why I simply chose to find the smart solution and don’t cry on the forum :slight_smile: Honestly I don’t think that you have a chance to change this in weeks or months with any effort. You can see all around the forum how long it takes to change some significant functions of Asana (sometimes years).

Just change your workflow - it will be much faster than convincing Asana programmers to make any significant changes in the code. This issue is very individual because the count of unfinished tasks is very uncommon - if not in Asana, definitely in any well-driven project.


Hi @JFrentz and all, thanks for raising this again.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates other than the ones previously provided by our Support team and @Kem_Ozbek. Our Custom Investigation team are not classifying this as a bug but as a product limitation.

The Engineering team is aware of a few issues associated with too many tasks in a section, such as this one, but do not currently have a resolution. So, I suggest following one of the workarounds for now to prevent this issue from occurring.

If any updates do come my way, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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