Asana’s API authorization framework will be changing later this year, and your app may be affected, What is the exact date for this change roll out and impact

We need information regarding below content like what will be the exact date for changes roll out and impact of this.

You are receiving this email because you have created an OAuth app with Asana. Asana’s API authorization framework will be changing later this year, and your app may be affected.

When a user authorizes an app today, they grant access to all of their workspaces. Later this year, Asana users who are members of multiple workspaces will be required to select a workspace when they authorize OAuth apps. This means it will be possible for Asana users to authorize an app in only a subset of their workspaces. We are introducing these controls so our customers can be more intentional about where they authorize an app.

We’ve created an FAQ page with more detail about this change. This page should help you learn how your app might be affected and what to do about it. If you have an active OAuth app, please take a look!

Hi @csprod2_cuser2,

I don’t think a specific timetable has been set yet, but pinging @sasha_f @Jeff_Schneider

In terms of impact, the FAQ page should answer that; but you can post specific questions you may have that aren’t covered there.

Hey there. At this time, we do not have an exact date for when this change will be rolled out. As soon as we do, we will share it, and will try to give as much advance notice as possible.

The good thing is that since you got the email, you’ll also get an updated email sharing exact dates once they become available!


Just need to confirm when this changes rolled out if use able to get all workspaces/organizations in the API or user will be getting only authorized/default workspace/organization in the API?

If we hit -, we could see all workspaces/organization listing in the drop down like below

Will this impact after this change?

So, first of all, any existing authentications that you have when the change gets implemented will work the same way they do now, there will be no impact; that is, if a user has multiple workspaces/organizations and that user authorized Asana to access your app prior to the change, all of those will still be available via the API.

For authentications happening after the change gets implemented, each time a user is taken through the authorization process, they’re be presented with a list of all of their available workspaces/organizations and they can pick one of those to be authorized for your app. If they need for your app to have access to an additional workspace/org, they’ll need to go through the authorization flow again and select another one. In other words, they will still be able to have multiple workspaces/orgs authorized for your app, but they will have to authorize them one at a time.

Does that make sense?

Cc’ing @sasha_f here in case anything I said above is incorrect, he can fix it. :slight_smile: