Asana Reporting and CR tracking details

In one of our projects we have faced a challenge of handling CR’s approval. So I would like to make it as a standard process for CR approvals via asana. Is there any easy way to acheive that?. Below are the things that I need as a part of that request. I went through all you Custom Reports, Workload, templates and rules and none of them are able to give me the exact thing I am looking for.

  1. Real time tracking of delta changes as development progresses. (Delta is the variation of actual vs estimated time)
  2. System should have ability to send reminders every 2 days for un-approved CRs until the CR is approved
  3. System should log all timestamps of when a CR was reported and when CR was approved
  4. System should be able to generate a report with all CRs and the appropriate time stamps