Asana Release Notes June 2021

Hi all,

:rocket: Please find our release notes for this month below :arrow_down:

  • Desktop app : Minimize distractions and maximize flow by keeping Asana’s desktop app open alongside your other favorite apps during the day. Download the app and try it out today.
  • Universal Reporting : Build dashboards that give you real-time visibility and actionable insights across all the projects and teams in your organization with Universal Reporting.
  • ServiceNow integration : Our new integration with ServiceNow lets IT and Ops teams automate their workflows for customer requests, approvals, and more across both tools. Read more about the ServiceNow integration.
  • Inverse actions for Rules : You’ll now see options for applying “inverse actions” to remove data from tasks using Rules (e.g. clear a due date, unassign a task, mark incomplete). Read more about inverse actions.
  • Message and Task drafts : If you’re working on a message or quick-add task, you’ll automatically get a pop-up of your drafts each time you log in or open a new instance of Asana in your browser.
  • Filter Goals by owner and status : Customize your Goals view by filtering by goal owner, goal status, or both at once. Learn more about Goals
  • Admin reset for two-factor authentication (2FA) : From the Members tab of the Admin console, Admins can view if a user has enabled 2FA and reset or disable a user’s 2FA so they can regain access to their account. Learn more about the Admin console and Two-factor authentication

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the release notes of June 2021!

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