Asana Release Notes February 2020

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Here is a quick recap of features or updates that were launched in February:

  • Asana for Operations and Asana for Sales and Account Management : We’re excited to announce the rollout of new features and integrations to help Asana Business and Enterprise customers in operations, sales, and account management drive greater clarity and productivity. Read more about these new solutions in our blog post.
  • JIRA cloud integration : With the new JIRA cloud integration, you can quickly create Jira issues from within Asana so that work passes seamlessly between business and technical teams at the right time. Learn more here.
  • Milestones on Portfolio timeline : View project milestones in the timeline view within a Portfolio. Learn more.
  • Browser notifications : Enable browser notifications to get notified about activity in Asana. Learn how to set them up in the Asana Guide.

As always, you can find previous Release Notes in our Guide, and if you have any questions, feel free to post them in #tipsandtricks.

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I love the continual improvements, keep up the good work!

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With this integration If a Issue Gets Reported on Jira Cloud Service Desk, Can it automatically add the issue to asana and link the two or do we have to manually do this?

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Hi @Leigh_Landeche :wave:t3:

Yes, it’s possible! Have a look at the “Key functionality” section of this article :slight_smile:

I guess i’m wondering if a client submits it in Jira I there any way to have it automatically show up In Asana if the ticket is greater Via Jira not Asana. I don’t have a clear understanding of that.

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