Asana not allowing times input for certain tasks

Welcome, @Candace_Jenkins,

This is a known issue that has been escalated and is being worked on but it may be a few more days before it is fixed.

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can follow the progress.




Hi everyone, thank you so much for your patience! Our Developers let me know that they’ve deployed a fix for this issue. Please refresh your Asana, and let us know in case the problem persists :slight_smile:


@Vanessa_N So far it looks like it worked! Thank you for fixing this and to the developers! Best 🫶🏼

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@Vanessa_N Hey! This problem came up again today. I am not sure if you guys are running some tests but the exact same problem is happening in our system :sob:

Hi @Esteban_Giannini, sorry to hear that. We haven’t made any recent changes or tests that could have impacted the fix, but if the issue is really back, I can certainly reopen the case with our Developers. Can you just confirm if you can replicate this in incognito?

@Vanessa_N Yes, it still happens in incognito mode. Here is a screen recording of it: