Asana::Errors::InvalidRequest (task: Not a Long: ) when trying to grab tasks from a user's task list AND passing projects in the opt_fields parameter

Hey all,

Whenever I hit the “/user_task_lists/{user_task_list_id}/tasks” endpoint and request the projects field to be passed back through the opt_fields parameter, I get the following error:

Asana::Errors::InvalidRequest (task: Not a Long: )

I can request name, due_on, completed, and completed_at through the opt_fields parameter with no problem. As soon as I request projects in addition or even by itself, I get that error.

I’ve had no luck searching through documentation - any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @David_Pham and welcome to the forum!

There must be something amiss in the syntax of your request; when I try it in the API Explorer, it works fine - as you can see here, it returns the project information:

Thanks Phil! Ah, that’s good to know - I’ll dig deeper and see what I can find. It could possibly be something inside the asana Ruby gem.