Asana/Freshservice app integration - issues with task templates

We use Freshservice as a helpdesk and are trying to get the Asana/Fresh service app installed to help smooth some of our internal workflows.

We have a need to pass some longer term tasks into Asana which is used as a planning tool. The idea of using the Freshservice/Asana app is to speed up the time taken leaving the helpdesk and manually entering data.

Our aim is to have the ability to create new Asana tasks on projects of our choice. The issue is that apparently we cannot use task templates.

This is a problem as within Asana we have a set of task templates for standardised proccesses.

There is no way of currently adding a task template to a task that has been created (either manually) or by a third party app that I can see?

Is this something that could be implemented?

Hello @Vanessa_Gardner
while I have no experience with using Freshservice, one way I can think of maybe getting this to work is setting up a custom field drop-down option and depending on the option selected a rule triggers that adds the relevant subtasks for example to the task for further action steps.

Does that help?

It’s just not set up to enable any form of integration with anything other than a basic task unfortunately.

We’ve had to give up on using the integration.