Asana & Integration

I’ve integrated and Asana so that when comments are left inside of the video player, they appear in a project titled, “Creative Requests” as tasks. The issue I’m having is that each comment creates a task. So with 10+ active clients all leaving comments in different videos, it gets messy. I’d like for the comments to appear as subtasks inside a clients task. The zapier “zap” does not allow this. Do you know of any work arounds?

Hi @Jonathan_Hanson,

Zapier has a feature called “Webhooks by Zapier” that allows you to do your own low-level calls to another app’s API, like Asana’s. You could use that feature to add them as subtasks.

The downside is it’s more involved since you need to construct the API call and its parameters yourself. There are some threads here in the forum that discuss this feature and have some examples; I would search for “zapier webhooks” to find those.

Thank you Phil, I’ll look into it to see how robust it is!

I found a “hack” this morning which I can get me by, it’s not fully automated, but I’m including below incase it’s helpful to others.

In the zap, I checked the “create task if one doesn’t exist” in a search action. Since there isn’t a task created in asana, it will auto create one for me. I titled the task the zap creates, “Edit Request - Add Project & Client Name” and set the comments and file name as subtasks. The PM will have to go in and add the project and client name to the task which was added to the subtasks to keep track of it. The PM will have to update the task name to our naming convention (included in the subtask) so that other project comments do get dropped into the wrong task when a new Frame comments come in from a different project.

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