Asana for Students

I applied for the Premium Free Trial for Asana Students but never received any confirmation email of whether or not it went through. My initial request was mistakenly for a Organization, but I realized my mistake a few days later and created a new Workspace instead to submit the form under a Workspace and not an Organization.

When will I be contacted about my upgrade? My team needs Asana access as soon as possible – as we have 17 members and so two of them are unable to join the Workspace.

Welcome to the Forum @Maggie_Luo and thank you for reaching out!

I can confirm our team has received your second application and will be in touch within the next couple of days!

Have a great Friday!

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Hi Natalia, thanks for your reply. I still have not been reached out to in regards to the Premium Free Trial. Is there someone I can directly contact (not on the forum) about my status?

Hi @Maggie_Luo and so sorry for the delay in responding to you, with the holidays it’s taking our team a little longer to process student request. Our team should hopefully be in touch next week :slight_smile:

Hi Marie, I still have not been contacted about my Premium Free Trial. Do you have any updates on my request? I need to add two more members to my team preferably by the end of next week, but the earlier the better.

Sorry @Maggie_Luo, I don’t have further updates on my end. We’re currently experiencing some delays, but If you’re not receiving any reply within the next couple of days I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team!

Hey @Maggie_Luo,

Just heard from our team, and it looks like your application was approved! You should hear from them soon if you don’t already have an email sitting in your inbox :slight_smile: