Asana (Enterprise) Customization and Integration

We just upgraded to Asana Enterprise and we are looking to make some major customization to the extent that it doesn’t look like Asana to the external clients, it rather looks like custom-built project management software.

Second, we also want our Asana account to be integrated with our website such that when the clients register themselves on our website they sign up on Asana as well (we want this to be automated).

Please advise on the possibility of the above two features. We just love Asana and want to customize it in a way that it looks like custom-built CRM.

Hi @Laraib and welcome to the forum!

You’re not going to be able to accomplish that requirement using the Asana interface. The only way to accomplish it is by using the Asana API to provide Asana’s data and then write your own UI to handle that data. (Honestly if it was me and I had that requirement, I probably would not use Asana but would just create my own data store to go along with my desired UI. Why would you use Asana in that use case?)

You can do this using the Asana API, sort of. You can’t add a user to Asana per se, but you can generate an invitation for them to join using the addUser endpoint; for details see:

and also this forum topic: