Asana "Dark Mode" Color Option

+1 for dark mode in Asana, come on we are waiting for it for years all ready


This right here! This isn’t just people requesting the feature because it’s trendy. There are many legitimate reasons why supporting dark themes in 2021 is the bare minimum an app can do in the accessibility realm.

It’s honestly sad that my personal CSS overrides have to be maintained and updated weekly because y’all can’t just make this on your own.

Coda just launched their dark theme. While your users have been patiently waiting for this feature, you’ve gone on to champion so many other features, that all revolve around the business plans. It’s getting old.

Maybe fix your accessibility issues before trying to eek any more money out of us. The amount of time this particular issue has gone on for is nothing more than a slap in the face to us, and a huge red flag for me personally, as it shows where your values stand - with the shareholders, trying to drive profit. Profit is great, but if it stands in the way of accessibility… I’m struggling to find reasons to stay.


+1 For dark mode.


Hey guys, I know that other people mentioned it before but I’m here just to confirm that this is not only for trends or aesthetics.
It’s a quality of life improvement and one that’s related to users health.

I’ll just stick to my personal experience. As someone with brightness sensitivity I can’t work on Asana without my glasses on, I don’t have sight problems, it’s just regarding lights and brightness. “Dark Mode” allows me to work long hours without worrying about headaches and nasuea.


Funny seeing you here. :smiley:

Yeah, I agree I don’t want to use 3rd party services connecting with Asana data. Big cyber security risk with connections.

I wonder if you could use an analytics connector (e.g. Power BI or Tableau) to accomplish a more custom timeline look…

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Still no dark mode, seriously? I must say i’m not very happy with asana, due to bugs like not being able to delete sections on mobile etc but the missing dark mode is what it is topping it off. When i was using trello you could see the devs working on things at least, there have been new features on an almost weekly basis, dark mode being one of the rather low hanging fruits. i guess i’ll just go back to trello.


Agree! Dark Mode. I keep having to use third party integrations and they don’t work really well. Dark Mode!!!


What a shame! it’s 2021 and still they don’t have dark mode!

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