Asana API Custom Field update issues

I am attempting to update a custom field in a project that I own and am getting a 403 response stating that I do not have access to the custom field. I am basing the update on a calculation of 2 fields in a dataFrame if that helps. I do not believe the field is restricted as I also created it. A snip of my API call using python is here:

    client.tasks.update_task('1201697124325152', {'notes':'Task automatically updated','custom_fields':{'1201681921644510':row['% Utilization']}}, opt_pretty=False)

    print(row['% Utilization'])

I sorted it out… apparently when I looked at the CSV that I output to the field gid had a 0 vice 3 for the last digit. Once I looked at the json response I caught the error


Sometimes when you open up the CSV in Excel, and the type of data in cell is guessed wrong, that could change the value. Was it the case?


If you open a document containing Asana IDs normally in Excel, the last digit of the ID will not be accurate due to numeric precision limitations of Excel. Instead, either use Google Sheets (which does not have this problem) or open it in Excel as follows:

Thank you , that is very helpful.

That is the case. Thank you very much for the help

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