Asana and Nextcloud

Hi everyone,
we pay a lot of attention to data protection in our company. That’s why we don’t use cloud storage such as Sharepoint or Dropbox.
With Nextcloud, we have found a provider that we can trust in terms of data protection.
Unfortunately, there is no Asana integration for Nextcloud. Hence my question: has anyone here had any experience with Nextcloud? Is it possible to connect Nextcloud as data storage with Asana?
Any information as feedback is welcome.

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Hi @Dirk_Zschommler, thanks for reaching out! As you mentioned, unfortunately, Asana doesn’t have a direct Nextcloud integration but let me check if Forum Leaders can share any tips.

@ambforumleader @pforumleader do you have any experience with Nextcloud and have you integrated with Asana? :pray:


Sorry, no experience with it.

At least you can use the Nextcloud link to the file in the Asana task (in Description or text field as mention, which are both clickable), which is the primary need.



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Asana doesn’t have a programming interface which allows for extension of its file attachment UI, so there’s really no clean way to integrate Nextcloud identically to the current “Attach a file” list.

There is one programming mechanism that Asana provides which allows an external app to hook into and display itself in the Asana UI. It’s technically called “App Components” and it’s what displays the widgets you see on a task when you connect to Zoom, Vimeo, etc. If you had (or could pay for) the developer resources, I would probably use this mechanism to build a Nextcloud interface: you could have a widget that allows you to attach Nextcloud files to an Asana task and it would also display attached files and allow yo to open/access them.