Archive Project Sections

This is a request to add the feature to Sections functionality. Currently you can rename or delete a section, but archiving it is not an option. With the update, there’s no way to hide the section without deleting it, which requires deleting all the tasks that were in it. I would like a way to archive sections, just like projects.


Hi @Clare_Freeman can’t access my desktop at the moment but on the mobile you can complete a Section like a normal task, would that be an option? It won’t complete any tasks still in that section.


Hi @Clare_Freeman and thanks welcome for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, but this is definitely something we’ll keep in mind for future Section updates.

@Jason_Woods, this was possible in the past, but not with the new Sections :wink:

@Marie - Maby if you could save the list layout with a closed drop down section…?

@JohanW, I think this would be a great alternative or complement to the “archive project section” feature we’re discussing here. Feel free to create another #productfeedback thread to allow other community members to vote for your idea!