Approvals Currently Always Appear on the Project Calendar - Can This Be Changed?

I do not want my project’s approvals to appear on the calendar alongside the form-submitted task tickets. Is there anyway to change a project’s settings so that approvals for tasks do not appear on the project’s calendar?

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Welcome, @Samuel_Cave,

There’s no setting to configure to achieve this, but you could consider other approaches to approvals.

One would be to make approvals subtasks of the task they apply to. That’s a good way to use Approval-type tasks (if you’re on a plan that has those), and the side effect is that since subtasks don’t appear on the calendar, it will address your issue.

Another approach is multi-homing, either manually or with rules. Continue to use the existing project for approval and other related work, but multi-home (add to project) all but the approval tasks to a second project for calendar purposes and start using that project for your calendar.



@lpb thanks for coming back to me. On your first solution, how do I make all approvals subtasks of the main task they apply to within this Asana project?

@Samuel_Cave, I believe you’d have to drag them, one by one, in List view from the left main pane to the right task detail pane.

So, show in task detail pane the first task into which you want to place subtasks.

Then, one-by-one, drag and drop the approval tasks into this task, near the bottom of the task detail pane, where the subtasks are/would be. Release the drop when you see a black insertion line. Be careful not to do anything else which would stop showing the destination task in the right side.