Apparent Error in API Documentation - resource _type

Thanks for the API updates and this Forum. I’m new to the API and it seems in several places the example 200 response shows the wrong resource_type. For example for “Get Multiple Users”, the 200 response is shown as:

  "data": [
      "gid": "12345",
      "resource_type": "task",
      "name": "Greg Sanchez"

I’m sure this will get cleaned up over time, but it shows up in many places. In the interim, is there somewhere we can get a full listing of resource types so we can iterate our testing faster?


Ping @AndrewWong

Hi @Troy_Christmas, welcome to the Asana developer community :tada:. Thank you for sharing your feedback as a new user of our API. This is valuable feedback.

Our examples in our developer docs are generated from our OpenAPI Spec. It looks like many of our responses are inheriting the example from our base definition of resource_type. We have a particular tag to override this default “task” example and it seems like it is not working at the moment. I’ll bring this up with my team to see if we can get this resolved.

Thanks again @Troy_Christmas. Also, thanks @Phil_Seeman for pinging us.

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Thanks @John_Vu and “long time no see” @Phil_Seeman.

Relatedly, our request for a sandbox has not been replied to beyond the week time threshold we see on the website (Developer sandbox). Is there any way to follow up on that?


Oh hi @Troy_Christmas! I knew your name looked familiar when I saw it but wasn’t sure it was you. :grinning:

Hi @Troy_Christmas, thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I’ll see if I can escalate.

@Troy_Christmas it looks like the link to request for a sandbox account in our developer documentation linked to an old request form. We’ve updated the link to the new sandbox request form. Please fill out this form and our team will be able to help you get a sandbox account.