App won't allow employees to start new conversations



Several of my employees can no longer start new conversations on their app. We’ve deleted it, cleared caches, reinstalled, still it’s not allowing.


We have the same issue on Android. It seems the “+” drop down menu disappeared and we cannot start a new conversation.


Unfortunately, I asked for help April 18 and all 7 of my emails havent been replied too … I did find a work around, but the person will lose everything AND has to be reassigned. I have to deprovision each person (on average 2 times) for it to restore the capabilities. However, even after deprovision they sometimes have multiple ghost accounts so you have to make sure everything gets reassigned the right account :confused: hopefully someone responds with a better solution.


Just an update that this is still occurring regularly and Asana Support has not answered any messages.


I just lost conversation for my entire company. Still no response from support.