API Update Delay

I’m using the task/tasks API and I noticed when I update a field in Asana the API can take up to 60 seconds to reflect that update, is that normal?

It seems like a really unusually long delay. Did you experience this across several days?

Does it takes time to see the update in the task itself when you query it directly?
Or does it takes time to see it in results, if you are using the “search tasks in a workspace” endpoint?

If you use the “search” endpoint, and you query tasks in project “xyz”, when you add your task to project xyz, it can take more time to see your new task in the results.

But except that situation, I don’t see why you have that delay.

I was using the search endpoint so that might be the case. Thanks for the replies!

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That’s probably why, then. Asana maintains a separate index for use in its search feature, and it can take a little bit sometimes for that index to get updated (it’s done asynchronously with the updating of the data itself).