[API] Query tasks by title/name



Is there possibility to query task by its name/title? I can’t even get all tasks by workspace. I need to repeat process per every assignee?

Find out task is "completed" as duplicate and link to parent (duplicating) task in API?

Hey @Mateusz_Bogusz,

to search tasks or users or projects in a workspace based on the name you can use the Typeahead support of Asana API.

Asana not support get all Tasks by workspace. You have to use Tasks per project or My Tasks or Tasks by Tag.


I need this search as well and, while it’s not implemented yet, I’m retrieving all Asana tasks for workspace and searching for a correct one on my side.


No way in my case. I have tens of thousands tasks in whole workspace.


You might look into the caching. This is what I’m implementing now in my case.
If you got 10k+ tasks it’s really inefficient to ask them each time via API (but caching can help).
As proposed earlier, Typeahead might help but it doesn’t allow filtering by workspace (this is not applicable in my case but might work for you).