API News 2022-W34

Hey folks,

The biggest thing in the API this week is that on Wednesday, August
24th, New Project Templates will become the new default (you can opt
out using a Asana-Disable header).


changeset affected resources current status next status
New Project Templates Projects opt_in 2022-08-24, today: opt_out

Coming soon

changeset affected resources next status expected impact
New HTML Tags in Task Descriptions Tasks deprecation timeline announcement medium
TBA (new) Teams, Projects, Portfolios small*
TBA (new) Users small*

I’ve added two new placeholder TBA changesets for upcoming work that
will be announced soon.

Yours in Developer Relations,
Sasha, on behalf of the Asana API Team

*We anticipate that very few developers will be impacted by these


Just a reminder that A new API for Project Templates is now live by default. The old schema (e.g., is_template) will be available for the next month by using the Asana-Disable headers.

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